The Pro Football Hall of Fame Art Series - A Limited Edition Art Collection

Frequently asked questions :


Is Goal Line Art still producing this HOF Art Series?

Goal Line Art has produced this art series for 27 years.  Each year from 1989 through 2016.  This set is considered complete. 

We enjoyed the time spent producing this amazing collection with Gary Thomas .. as well as having time with you, our customers, to discuss football. It’s been great !

You can see and order product using the SHOP link above.


Tell me more about how to find some of the oldest sets of Goal Line Art.

Many of the oldest sets are becoming more difficult to find, however, you may still locate some in the secondary markets.  

Ebay is a great place to search, or you can drop us a note at  ... and if we know of any for sale, we will provide you with the collectors contact information. 


What are the "Gold Sets"?

The Football Hall of Fame purchased 100 of Goal Line Art’s original 5,000 sets issued.  They affixed a Gold Stamp and numbered them 1 to 100.  These have been called the “Gold Cards.”  

The enshrinees autographed them for the Hall.  They were packaged and sold as a complete collection by subscription.  There are only 100 sets in circulation.


What are the Goal Line Art "Enshrinee Proof" cards?

 The “Enshrinee Proof” cards are “press proof” cards issued only to the players.   These cards are stamped with a special seal and numbered 1 to 50. 

The Hall of Fame presented them as a gift to each members as he was enshrined.  Some members chose to keep them for their family and friends while others signed and returned them to the Hall where they were sold in their Gift Shop.  There were just 50 issued to each member.  


Is there a binder to display this collection?

Goal Line Art produced a special 3-ring binder, stamped in gold lettering.   Each binder included 50 clear vinyl sheets, each holding two of the 4" x 6" art cards.  

A few remain ... use the store link above to order.  


Where can I find signed Goal Line Art cards?

Some of our collectors are interested in having their Goal Line Art cards signed by the Pro Football Hall of Famers'.   Goal Line Art does not sell autographed cards, however, here are some suggestions that may help you in this pursuit:

A great site for locating "who's signing where" is:   If you know of some others, let us know.

You may also want to search for "Goal Line Art signed"